Amberly’s Newest Book

Untangling Faith

Have you ever felt you struggled to find your faith footing?

Join Amberly Neese in she explores the questions Jesus asked as a way to reclaim that faith. Chapters explore our own questions like Can God Be Trusted? and How Can I Grow in Faith.

Amberly’s unique humor and wit help the whole group find their way through deep and rich issues of personal faith, doubt, and growth. 

Amberly’s 31 Day Devotional

The Friendship Initiative

The Friendship Initiative: 31 Days of Loving and Connecting Like Jesus is a devotional that explores the way Jesus engaged with and befriended others.

Each day contains a new strategy for connection and care, as well as encouragement for us to do likewise.

Amberly’s 4 Week Bible Study

Common Ground

Common Ground: Loving Others Despite Our Differences is a four-week Bible study that can be done in a group or by oneself.

It explores the lessons from the sibling relationships in the Bible and how we can better get along with our brothers and sisters in Christ by learning from their mistakes.

Amberly’s First Book

The Belonging Project

Are you hungry for true community, deeper connection with God, and friendships that are greater than “likes” on social media?

In The Belonging Project, Amberly Neese, speaker, comedian, and Bible teacher, combines Bible study with delightful humor and practical application in this four-week Bible study.

By exploring the “one another” sayings in the New Testament, this study encourages and equips women to pursue true belonging and deeper relationships that glorify God.

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