Joyful L!fe Series


Joyful L!fe

Amberly is fast becoming known as the “joy” lady.  Whether you are planning a event with a single talk, or an entire weekend of encouragement, the following topics encompass Amberly’s current message for you and your group:  God want’s us to lead lives of JOY!

Joy in Adversity

Life is tough. The stress of every day existence can erode at one’s joy and leave one feeling empty and discouraged. Using candor, humor, and God’s Word, Amberly explores the joy one can find in hardship, in stress, and in the daily grind of life.

Joy in Vulnerability

We have all been hurt. It can be tough to open oneself up to more pain, and yet without vulnerability to do so, we miss out on true community and connection with others and with God.   In this talk , Amberly traverses the difficulties and joys of vulnerability with grace, humor, and a biblical perspective.

Joy in Identity

It is estimated that Americans consume an average of 15.5 hours a day of social media, text, and video. Barraged by images and labels, one can be left feeling insignificant, unattractive, and unloved. In her funny fashion, Amberly dives into God’s Word to uncover who God is, who we are, and how that “information” changes how we perceive ourselves and those around us.

Joy in Reality

We are busy people. Frantic schedules, deadlines, carpooling, and soccer practice can disallow real connection with family, friends, ourselves, and God. Amberly draws from hilarious personal experiences and Scripture and provides helpful tools and helps us all get a handle on business of our culture.

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