Yodel for Yahweh


I had the opportunity to lead prayer at my church yesterday.  I love my church.  I love the preaching.  I love the community.

And then there is the music.

My husband was a worship pastor for over 20 years.  I know the stresses and challenges of trying to meet the needs/ musical tastes/ theological biases of a congregation, because every Sunday, someone felt that they needed to let my husband know that the music was either too loud or not loud enough, the drums were awesome or from Satan, hymns are outdated or the only way to the heart of God, and/or the worship pastor’s wife should not wear pants.  Ugh.  I pray for our worship pastor on a regular basis.

Our worship guy is an incredible man of God.  He is a great human being and a good musician.  He works hard to use all of the musical gifts of the people in our congregation and allow a variety of styles.  I usually like the music at my church, but due to the various styles we celebrate at our church, sometimes, I like it more than others.  But this last Sunday, it was Bluegrass Sunday.  My husband calls it “Countrybear Jamboree for Jesus”.  It sounded like Yodel for Yahweh to me.  It is NOT my favorite.  It is not even in the top 27 of my favorites.

But it is not about me.

Was the name of Jesus exalted?  Yes.

Did the words align with Scripture?  Yes.

Was the Body encouraged by the use of those gifts?  Yes.

Sometimes, in church, we need to remember that we are called to be fed, but it is not a buffet to which we are called.  We don’t get to choose the way we like things.  We get to obey.  It is not about our ears being tickled or our music preferences met.  You want your style of music played?  That is what Pandora or Spotify are for.

I still need to grow in this area.  I need to leave my consumer mentality at home and focus on the Only One who deserves praise.

Will you join me in praying that our hearts would be softened, our critical spirits would be crushed, and our consumer mentality would be left at the church door?





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