Embrace “Embrace”

I have been given the charge responsibility burdenhonor of planning a women’s retreat for UCYC, the camp for which I work.

I am scared spitless anxious thrilled at the thought of being responsible for such a task and its success.

It is planned for the third weekend in April, 2016 and I want it to be okay not devastatingly bad amazing.

The theme, “Embrace: Connection. Identity. Freedom.” is a direct reflection of my needs my creativity my neurosis what I want for attendees to experience.

It is about embracing who God is, who we are, and who others are fully so that we can make political judgment calls create snarky Facebook posts find freedom and grace.  It is about admitting those messages we “cross out” and focusing on the truths of the cross…

Needless to say, the process has been terrifying convicting enlightening.

For my female readers, would you please pray about joining me that weekend?  Vocal artist, Holly Starr will be leading worship that weekend and I think God has amazing things in store.  Especially for the staff worship leader retreat planner!  Spots are filling quickly, so hurry up get a move on sign up today!

Don’t judge me Sincerely Love,


The details are as follows:
April 22-24, 2016

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